15 Mother’s Day DIY Gifts for Mom

Mother’s day is coming up soon (May 11th) and while some of us get A for preparation, others often procrastinate when it comes to gift buying. We’d love to offer some handmade gifts that really are something special. Feel good about sending your money into the hands of real artists and crafters.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day this year, take a page from your childhood self and make something for her, with your own two hands. I’m not talking about macaroni art or a homemade card written in marker, here. These are adult gifts that she will actually use and enjoy.

Flower Seed Packets

DIY mothers day giftsRejoice the sweetness, both Mom and spring have to tender with flowers that will keep her smiling for a long after Mother’s Day. Some store bought seed packets of your mom’s favorite blooms in easy-stitch burlap bags, and close the bags with a plant indicator. If you want to zest up the bag, pin a traditional picture of the flower on top for an additional touch.

DIY Cheese Markers

DIY mother day giftsAny hostess will be keen on getting handmade imprinted cheese markers. To make this delightful Mother’s Day gift, put typical silver-plated forks stuck between two felt pieces and flatten in a vise. Place the face side up, on a metal slab and use metal stamps and a hammer to mark the name of the cheese. Cut out a few inches at the top of the handle, and then make a wavy loop by covering the handle in felt and curling it toward the back using pliers.

“Family” Kitchen Artwork

DIY Mothers day GiftsFamily always is the most important on some special days like Mother’s Day. Give your mom this gift to let her know how much you love and care. To create this, buy some wooden spoons — one for each letter. Paint the tops of each spoon; let it dry. With the use of a letter stencil, calmly spot white paint to craft one letter on each spoon; let it dry again. Cut a portion of cardboard to fit the notch of a picture frame. Wrap the white canvas around the front of the cardboard; hot-glue secure. Insert it in the frame; hot-glue spoons to the canvas. Read more..

DIY Shopping Totes

DIY Mothers day giftsMom would surely love to receive these shopping totes, and kids would love to put together this fun Mother’s Day gift. Use photo corners, red brads, and kid-picked stamped pages to pull these totes together. Photos, greeting cards, and postcards would also make beautiful decorations.

Homemade Truffles for Mom

DIY mothers day giftsYum, chocolate. If your mom having a sweet tooth, these homemade truffles will go the best this Mother’s Day! Candy cups, plastic boxes, and festive fabric are all what you need to pack up the delicious chocolate truffles after making.

Cookbook Recipe Bookmark

DIY Mothers day gifts

Get out that chef’s cap! Help your mom try to keep her cookbook open to the exact page with the sweet slotted spoon bookmark. Use our pattern to make the sweet Mother’s Day gift. We suggest laminating it to protect it from any food splatters.

Framed Butterfly Family Tree

DIY mothers day giftsMom would love this spring-thematic representation of the people she loves the most in this easy-to-make family tree project. Plan the arrangement on a separate sheet of paper, assign a different color paper to different generations. Punch out two butterflies per family member with the help of a craft punch, and write down their name on the top cut out. Keep the center body on the top cut out flat, double up the wings; this will give the butterflies a fluttery look. Stick the bodies of each pair of cut outs together using rubber cement or craft glue. Place butterflies on a matte board and mark positions flippantly with a pencil; glue in place on board. From the completed butterfly family tree. Read more..

Message in a Jar

DIY Mothers day gift ideasLet the kids involved with this pretty Mothers day gifts — a simple jar filled notes telling her all the reasons she’s loved. Have kids write their feelings and thoughts, or have them tell you their ideas and you note them down. Roll up the strips of paper and place them in a jar. Tie a bow around the jar to add a style. This would be the best gifts for mom.

Watercolor-Painted Vases

DIY mothers day giftsInclude cool color to milky white vases for a charming, decorative Mother’s Day gift. To get the watercolor look, combine glass paint with little drops of paint thinner, and paint freehand designs on your vase with an acrylic brush.

Simple Mother’s Day Flower pot

DIY Mothers day giftsLiven up a common pot of flowers for Mom with personalized glass planter fillers. Fill a white ceramic pot with the glass stones, adding sticker letters to spell “Mother” to six of the stones. Organize the letter stones at the front of the flower pot, then insert a few artificial hydrangea stems to complete.

Inspiring Quote Wall Art

DIY mothers day giftsCreate an exclusive piece of artwork for Mom with a foam-core board, frame, tissue paper, and cut out letters from scrap paper or used magazines. Decoupage pieces of hankie paper around the foam-core board as a border, then paste your letters directly onto the foam-core board. When dry, frame the inspirational artwork.

Paint-Chip Bookmark

DIY Mothers day giftsMom won’t lose her place in her favorite book with this easy-to-make bookmark. Head to a hardware or home improvement store, and get a sample paint chip of Mom’s favorite color. Add a design to the paint chip with a fine-point everlasting marker and a craft-store stencil to present the placeholder a pretty look.

Dishes with Child’s Artwork

DIY mothers day giftsTurn children’s drawings into decorative plates. Examine the art and print onto water-transfer paper. Trim as closely as you can around the printed picture, then put the paper in water until the label slips easily from the backing. Position the label on the plate and smooth out if there are any wrinkles or bubbles. When dry, seal the artwork with spray polish. Mom will appreciate them forever.

Photo-Embellished Candles

DIY Mothers day giftsTurn normal candles into shining stars with family photos and flourishes. Print photos or digital designs onto tissue paper; cut them out. Wrap the candles with these tissue paper, securing it with straight pins. A heat gun will melt the wax until it saturates and coats the tissue paper. Secure flowers to the candle using a brad. Read more..

Painted Treasure Box

DIY mothers day giftsCustomize a small wooden box to hold Mom’s special treasures. Purchase a small wooden box, and paint the outside a bright color; let dry. Add embellishments or painted motifs on the top of the box, and carefully paint a sweet message inside. Fill the box with small sweets or some of Mom’s favorite things.

Here are 15 DIY ideas for your mom; you can save your money by “Do It Yourself”. Thank you for reading this article.


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